Foreplay is the key, so start early with suggestions to create anticipation , getting emotions and desires heighten ed for the day. Ifyou plan an evening of bliss , start with a promise as you leave for work, then call during the day saying what you have planned, such as a shower or bath together, music and a massage with scented oils, etc. You can even leave little love notes for him/her to find during throughout day, increasing the anticipation. Think of each others' desires and not yours alone.

For Women:

Foreplay should be an amorous, sensual adventure, making her needs and desires a priority and yours secondary . If you learn and practice this concept,it will help you learn to be a very caring, expert lover. You must realize women have emotional natures for the most part,so one first needs to know what foreplay is and what it isn't , and kiss kiss, rub, tickle, and jump on is not the way to ensure a woman's needs are met. Actually, it may achieve just the opposite; the woman will often end up frustrated and unsatisfied, and sometimes even resentful, feeling she is no more than an object for your needs.

However, there are timeswhen a " quickie" is appropriate and mutually agreed upon. For women, sex is not just physical, it also includes her emotions as well. Foreplay starts longbefore the act of intercourse, it's the difference between just having sex or being consumed with the entire lovemaking experience.

For women, foreplay actually starts long before you even reach the bedroom. Women need to feel loved and desirable at all times, notjust when you are 'in the mood', so be sure to give her affection and attention even when youaren't aroused or hoping for 'some action'. Many women are turned on by things most men would never even think of, suchas doing the dishes together, holding hands while watching TV, bathing the kids for her while she relaxes, etc.

Studies have proven these things can be a precursor to her being"in the mood", but never do these things expecting to be 'rewarded' with sex since this will make her feel resentful for having to 'pay' for your attention or help.

Ask and learn her likes and dislikes, be attentive, notice and remember even the smallest things that make her passionate. Learn as many of her "erogenous areas" as possible, as well as things that put a twinkle in her eye, such as sweet smelling oils and a massage, Do not do the same thing every time, learn to be inventive andcreative so you avoid becoming boring and mundane. Use these to start the foreplay process, having her realize you enjoy and want to fulfill her needs and desires.

Foreplay is all about "how and when" to push the right emotional and physical buttons (if you don't turn the light switch on, changing the bulb won't make the light come on). Then, once the emotional buttons are pushed, you can slowly begin the physical aspect of lovemaking. Be diverse, but know how long to spend in one area. Not enough time equals frustration, too much time and they can become sore or numb because, no matter how many times you push an elevator button it won't come any faster.

Women have tender and sensitive areas, so nuzzleand kiss these areas gently. And, when mutually agreed upon, use your hand/fingers forstimulation, which stimulates the vaginal lubrication, continuing on to oral stimulation (if acceptable with both of you); suckling the clitorisgives great pleasure to many women.

Once orgasms are achieved, women need to know you still need and want them, so"pillow talk" with hugs, caresses and talking, brings the momentum of the passion to a tender, loving finish for both partners.

If you make proper foreplay a habit the "Lovemaking Experience" will be fun, erotic and something you both look forward to, and won't consider it an obligation or a duty.

For Men:

First, Don't be in a hurry , go slowly.

Men, for the most part, are logical by nature, most become aroused by sight, sounds and scent, so learn what arouses him in these areas and you're well on your way for setting the mood. Sexy or feminine lingerie, soft music, and perfume, and even more discreet things such as preparing his favorite meal can be very effective stimulants for men.

Nakedness, teasing and kissing triggers his testosterone, increasing his sex drive. Men's erogenous zones are generally in the groin and pelvic area, so kissing, fondling, caressing and oral activities in these areas will heighten his passion.Many men also become aroused by gently nibbling or kissing his earlobe. If you do more than one of these at a time it becomes "ultra-pleasurable", so you needto know when to stop and what areas to concentrate on to avoid premature ejaculation. Being creative and learning how to avoid anearly ending to the experience will prove to be a mutually and satisfying experience for both partners.
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