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Be with the Best: Sexologist Dr. Ashok Koparday

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Actual problem of newly married woman

whose husband has premature ejaculation

nargis (name changed to protect privacy) age 29 sex female we do sex every alternate day married since one and a half year i bleed for three days during menses i have 28-30 days cycle i have my periods regularly i did not conceive till now and had no abortions we both are healthy and he enjoys me alot but i'm unable to enjoy him as he does. His erection is quick and he ejaculates quickly and leaves me unsatisfied Please reply soon.

Tips for women to get maximum sexual satisfaction

What is Normal time? What is not premature ejaculation?

The usual time is around 60 seconds to 180 seconds. This can be delayed with medicine. However, that is not the ideal solution. Please see for details.

Necessary Tips

* there has to be shamelessness between the two

* there has to be communication between the two. This means he can tell you what excites him most so you know how to give him pleasure. She can tell him what excites her most so that he can do things that excite a woman.

Trust me, I have no intention of writing a book on 69 ways of making love because each man and woman may have different likes and dislikes. The best book is that the receiving person who is getting sexual satisfaction guides the partner towards their erotic zones.

* the penis in vagina sexual intercourse does not give sexual satisfaction for many women. The sensory nerve endings inside are less compared to those outside. So you might spend time and money in delaying ejaculation yet you may not be satisfied.

* Honeymoon twice a year

1st Tip for women to get maximum sexual satisfaction

One reason women do not enjoy, is that they are not sexually aroused. The guy misunderstands that he has PE (premature ejaculation) though he does not have PE.

Readiness to enjoy. The mood is required.

If you are tired and sleepy, concerned about getting up early in the morning to do chores you are not sexually aroused. By the time he touches and inserts you barely start getting excited. By this time he has ejaculated and you feel unfulfilled.

Remedy: Make sure you are highly aroused. Dream or have foreplay to the extent that you are on the verge of your sexual excitement and are at the point when you want him to insert

Allow yourself erotic fantasies. They may be immoral, but they can trigger quick, intense excitement. They are private and within your mind. They should preferably not be shared with the spouse. Just having fantasy does not bring it into action in real life.


2nd Tip for women to get maximum sexual satisfaction

Foreplay is vital. Most men skip foreplay afraid that they may come even before insertion.

3rd Tip for women to get maximum sexual satisfaction

After he ejaculates let him not uncouple. He continues to lie in the same position and woman raises herself and rubs. This friction brings her to the climax. The guy who gets out, uncouples, as soon as he has ejaculated leaves her wanting for more.

4th Tip for women to get maximum sexual satisfaction

Kegel’s exercise to grip the penis

5th Tip for women to get maximum sexual satisfaction


Remember, just as you do foreplay, you can do afterplay. Stimulation of the outer side of the vagina by hand, tongue or vibrator or any other method, which she is accustomed to while masturbating can be more exciting.

Special note for women

How not to speak/ How to speak with her man about PE


1. Be extremely cautious while telling the man, "I am not satisfied." It breaks their heart. You cannot imagine how important it is for the man to be able to satisfy a woman.

2. Self sexual pleasuring always gives more intense sexual pleasure compared to sexual intercourse. You can incorporate this as part of your sexual activity.

3. Premarital / Extramarital sexual satisfaction is far too high to be compared with sexual satisfaction in a steady relationship.

For more information see the chapters under the category 'Female Satisfaction'.

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